Namtso Lake Overview

Namtso Lake is a mountain lake on the border between Damxung County of Lhasa city and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture in the Tibet Autonomous Region, China, approximately 240 kilometers from Lhasa, which was born in the Paleogene age because of Himalayan tectonic plate movements. Namtso Lake is the highest saltwater lake in the world with an altitude of 4718 meters, also the second largest saltwater lake in China(after the Qinghai Lake).

Namtso Lake has five uninhabited islands of reasonable size, in addition to one or two rocky outcrops. The islands have been used for spiritual retreat by pilgrims who walk over the lake’s frozen surface at the end of winter with food. The largest island is in the northwest corner of the lake.

Namtso Lake Facts
  • Chinese Name: 纳木错
  • Meaning: “Namtso” is the Tibetan Language, which means “Celestial Lake”. Namtso is one of the “three holy lakes” in Tibet, which is the first god lake and one of the famous Buddhist holy sites.
  • Elevation: 4,718 meters
  • Surface: 1,920 Square Kilometers
  • Location: Located between Damxung County of Lhasa city and Baingoin County of Nagqu Prefecture
  • Coordinates: 30°30′-30°35′N/90°16′-91°03′E
  • Whether: Abrupt and changeable
  • Opening Time: 6:00-18:00
  • Ticket: Peak Season(May to October): 120 yuan/Off Season(November to Next April): 80 yuan
  • Deepest Point: 120 meters
  • Recommended Visiting Hours: 1-2 days
  • Culture: Ancient Zhang Zhung Culture
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