About Lake Manasarovar

Also written as Manas Sarovar or Mapam Yumtso, the Lake Mansarovar is an extremely sacred lake in Tibet. It’s the world’s highest freshwater lake and is held in high esteem by the followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bon. The word ‘Mansarovar’ is a combination of two words – ‘Mana’ (mind) and ‘Sarovar’ (lake). Today, the Lake Mansarovar attracts pilgrims from all across the world. Also known for its unique natural beauty, the lake lies at an elevation of 4,590 m.

The Lake Mansarovar has a couple of monasteries on its shore. One of the most popular among them is the ancient Chiu Gompa. The lake freezes completely during the winters. Every year during springs, when the ice of the lake melts, pilgrims arrive here to take a holy bath and wash away their sins. Many of them also drink this water and carry it back home for spiritual benefits. Whether it’s the Tibetan folk songs or dances or the scriptures of many other major religions (as mentioned above), the holiness of the Lake Mansarovar has been excessively cited all over. Pilgrims believe it highly sacred to travel to this lake at least once in a lifetime.

The ‘Mansarovar Yatra’, organized by a number of travel agencies, is quite popular with tourists. The tour is mostly organized from India. The pilgrimage tour to the Lake Mansarovar is an excellent opportunity to catch the Tibetan spiritual vibe and rejuvenate one’s body, mind and soul.

When to Visit

The Lake Mansarovar is located in a high-altitude region, surrounded by mountain ranges. Nights in the area are cool and days are warm.

Summers : May till August is the summer time. During this period, the climate in the area where the Lake Mansarovar is located remains pleasant. The average temperature is 15°C. For pilgrims and travellers, this is a great time to visit and indulge in a number of activities. Light woollens are required.

Monsoons : September till November is the monsoon period. During this season, the area gets scanty rainfall. The temperature may fall to a minimum of 10°C.

Winters : Between December and April, the area around the lake remains heavily covered with snow. Snowfalls are quite common. Days are chilly and the average temperature in this season remains around 5°C. Minimum temperature can plummet to -15°C. Obviously, it’s not a great time for visitors.

May to November is the best time to visit the Lake Mansarovar. During this period, rituals and other outdoor activities can be performed without any difficulty. It is the right time for sightseeing in the surrounding areas as well.

How to Reach

Lake Manasarovar is the far remote mountains of Tibet is accessible from various points. Kathmandu in Nepal, Simikot in Nepal and Lhasa in Tibet being the most favourite and easiest points to reach Lake Manasarovar. A road trip to Lake Manasarovar from Kathmandu or a helicopter ride from Simikot Nepal can take you to Lake Manasarovar with few stops. Lhasa, the capital of Tibet is also one of the most favourite place which connects with Lake Manasarovar through a wonderful drive and few night halts. Read below for more knowledge.


Mapam Yumtso Lake
Mapam Yumtso Lake (玛旁雍错)

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