Tibet is a real natural museum of plants, hosting the genes of numerous plant species, which form a showcase of the entire Asian plant life.
LuLang means “Loong King Valley” in Tibetan language, or “a place that will make you forget your home”. It is located by the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, about 80 km from Nyingchi County. In summer, the flowers will blossom. Also, it is 1 of the best spot to watch the Namjagbarwa (the highest peak in Nyingchi with an elevation of 7782 meters).

With an elevation of 3700 meters, Lulang Forest is a typical plateau-mountain-meadow, 15 km long and 1 km wide. Known as a fairyland where gods live in with scenic beauties, it has special breathtaking scenery in every season. In Spring, it is of full-brown azaleas all over the forest, which attracts swarms of birds. In Summer, you can see golden wheat waves with freshing breezes in Lulang Forest. In Autumn, the leaves all turn yellow and then red except the evergreen pines. In Winter, snow falls on the forest as well as the on the glaciers. You will get lost in the fairy tale. The clouds constantly change their shapes above Lulang Forest. Sometimes they are like galloping horses or leisure yaks.
The local people scatter on the meadow in Lulang Forest together with the wild animals form a dreamy paradise where the immortals live in. Tourists here would always be slaves of the beautiful natural landscape.

Lulang Forest Sea
Lulang Forest Sea

Transfer from Lhasa

By different places to enter Tibet, you will have varied tour itinerary to appreciate Lulang Forest accordingly. If you get to Tibet from Lhasa, you will put several days to visit Lhasa attractions firstly then transfer to Nyingchi to discovery the beauty of Lulang Forest. Along the long time driving, various scenic spots and attractions to relax yourself and never make you feel bored.

What to See

As a famous scenic area in Lulang Town, Lulang Forest with alpine scenery embraced by castle peaks from low to high is full of dense bushes and spruce pine trees along the long-narrow valley dotted with meadows and streams. There are viewing platforms siting in perfect location along highway for visitors to have a vista view and appreciate its stunning nature, even encounter the Namjagbrawa Peak and Gyala Peri Peak if you are super good luck. With enough time, you can have a leisurely hiking inside Lulang Forest Scenic Area and find more idyllic scenery by sightseeing scenic spots, like flower sea, pastureland, local villages, etc.

Lulang Flower Sea

With various kinds of ever-flowering plants, the piece of land is changing into a sea of flowers in the late spring and early summer. During the months from April to June, the azaleas grow uncensored everywhere along the land, catching most of the eyes. Among the azaleas, there are other wild flowers, like galsang flower flickering and swing in the wind. Without any trimming, they are all in full blossom with a beauty of nature. In other times, the little plants burst into bloom like twinkling stars glitter under the sunshine.

Lulang Five Villages

Built in the deep forest, these five villages situated in the valley surrounded by pastureland and mountains, are named Gongbu, Bomi, Menba, Loba and Dengren respectively. Attended by colorful flowers and towering pine trees, the unadorned villages like lotus lands are another nature decorated Lulang Forest. Having different traditions, the quite villages will present different lifestyles and their styled food culture, if you are permitted to stay overnight by turn. Walking the path along villages, you will feel immersed in idyllic scenery and become a part of the view.

Natural Pastureland

When in good weather, local Tibetans will let their livestock bask outside and enjoy the nature. Gradually the land became a natural pastureland. In sunny days, there are Tibetan sheep and cattle in knots graze leisurely, dotted around. If you visited in summer time, it will change into a blossoming land of wild flowers.

Useful Travel Tips

Best time to visit

As a natural Park, Lulang Forest has stunning scenery in different seasons for you to visit all year aroud. In spring, there are different flowers blossoming, especially the azaleas over the forest, like a sea of flowers. In summer, you can enjoy the gentle breezing. In autumn, with various colors of plants, you will experience Tibetan village life. And in winter, snow falls on the forest as well as on the glaciers, making you enter a white-clad world.

Local food recommended

Stone pot chicken is the famous local food in Lulang. The stone pot as a special carved utensil perfectly keeps the original flavor of chicken. By adding some mushroom, ginseng and other ingredients, this cuisine is quite delicious, especially the soup.


If you want to take a depth tour in Lulang Forest scenic area, there are many inns and guesthouses in Lulang Town to stay overnight. Or you may live in the local village house if permitted.

What to bring

With a changeable weather and climate, you may take some waterproof and warm clothing and hiking shoes, sleeping bag and some commonly used medicines if you plan to stay longer.

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