Located between Lulang Town and Bayi Town, Lulang Sea of Flowers Ranch is a natural open pasture. The meadows here are smooth and gentle, surrounded by forests and mountains. The environment is clean and fresh. During the flower blooming seasons, flowers of various colors are in full bloom and look very beautiful. In the Lulang Sea of Flowers Ranch scenic area, there are several places where you can find accommodation, among which the conditions of the villa resort are quite pleasant. If you stay in the accommodation, you will be exempted from buying admission tickets. Apart from viewing the meadow and forest scenery, riding horses on the pastures is also a very popular choice for many tourists.

Lulang Sea of Flowers Ranch
Lulang Sea of Flowers Ranch

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  1. April says:

    Since June, all kinds of flowers have blossomed in Huahai Ranch. From a distance, people are really in the sea of flowers, very beautiful. The pasture is surrounded by large forests, lush and guarded on both sides.

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