The Holiest Mountain on Earth

Mt. Kailash

Mt. Kailash is the main peak of the Gangdise Mountain, and is recognized as the sacred mountain of the world, at the same time by Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Tibetan native Bonpo and ancient Jainism recognized as the center of the world. Legend has it that the sins of a lifetime can be eased around the Sacred Mountain, so lots of pilgrims come here every year to make the pilgrimage.

Mount Kailash Facts

  • Tickets: 300RMB per perosn

  • Altitude: 6,656 meters (21,837 feet)
  • Location: In southwest of Ngari, Tibet and to the north of Lake Manasarova
  • Shape: Pyramid with a round top
  • Distance for a Circle: 52 kilometers (32 miles)
  • Average Time for a Circle: 2 – 3 days


Near the intersection of Tibet, Nepal and India. In the northern part of Darchen Town, Ali area, Tibet. Darchen is also the starting point and end point of the Kora.


Mt. Kailash is located in the Ali area, the west of Tibet with the worst climate. Winter is not a suitable season for Ali, the road condition is bad, often snow-sealed. Lots of tourists go to Mt. Kailash in summer, August and September are the best time!

Let’s plan your Mt. Kailash tour
You need to be on an official tour in Tibet (on a private or group tour with a legal travel agency), starting in Lhasa. If you want help with that, click here to plan your Tibet trip with our experienced service!

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Preparations for a Mt. Kailash Trek

How to prepare for a Mt. Kailash trek? In this post, you will find all the equipment you need to pack for your Mt. Kalish Trek tour. Of course, the first step is choosing a reliable travel agent—TibetDaily, dedicated to your Tibet Tour!

  • Clothes: the temperature is low in the morning and night at Kailash, it is recommended to bring down jackets, storm jackets, storm pants and other warm clothes. Dry pants or disposable underwear, aunt towels can be taken.
  • Food: chocolate, compressed biscuits, ham sausages, chocolates, instant noodles, etc. The temples along the way provide hot water and instant noodles with reasonable price.
  • Drugs: cold medicine, laxatives, gastrointestinal drugs, anti-high anti-drugs, anti-fever drugs, etc., Do not need to bring too much, a little each kind is ok.
  • Sunscreen: hats, sunglasses, gloves, sun cream, wind towels, etc.
  • Electronics: Phone, Power bank, Camera…
  • Hiking equipment: hiking shoes, climbing sticks, sleeping bags, tents.
  • Documents: Passport, Border Pass.

1. Border pass is a necessary certificate when you travel to Mt. Kailash. As an experienced Tibet travel agency, Tibet Daily provides a one-stop service for all Tibet permits. We just need your passport and your China visa information.
2. For Kora, Tibetan Buddhism is in accordance with the clockwise walk, but Bonpo is walking counterclockwise.
3. The cell phone signal is very weak at the foot of the mountain. Some electronic products need to be charged when you stay overnight at the Kailash scenic area, you can ask guesthouse master for help.
4. On April 15th every year, this is the day of the birth of Shakyamuni Buddha. At the entrance to the Mt. Kailash, it will be held the Mani flag replacement ceremony. When the people who come to turn the mountain will be very many, they think that merits and virtues of kora is more today.
5. The mountain spring water along the way can be directly drinkable, but too cold, travelers who is bad stomach can bring warm water cup. Some temples have hot water to provide, you can be filled with warm water cup of course.
6. On the way of Kora, do not throw around rubbish! Please kindly take them away, protect our holy mount.
7. Heavy-duty hiking is more tired, you can store your baggage in the hotel before hiking, you can also ask porter for help, the price must be discussed clearly ahead, around RMB100/day.

If you want to explore the essence of holy Kailash and feel the most magnificent beauty, you must go on the road yourself. The life, is the journey from birth to death, why not a pilgrimage in the world.

Hope you have an opportunity to go to Ngari, go to Mt. Kailash, feel the power of Kora. If you want help with that, please click here to plan a life-changing trip for you!

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