Mt. Kailash near tibet


Vast, thinly populated and with an average altitude of over 4500m, western Tibet (Ngari, མངའ་རིས་) is a rough and ready frontier occupying one of the remotest corners of Asia. For most travellers the main attractions of what is likely to be a two- or three-week overland trip are the almost legendary destinations of Mt Kailash and Lake Manasarovar. Indeed, many of the Tibetan and Indian pilgrims you meet on this road have been planning a visit all their lives.

Top sights in Ngari

Located in the extreme western part of the snowy land, Nagri stands at the highest part of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Because of the high altitude, the land is severe cold dotted by continuous stretch of snow mountains.

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Recommended Ngari Tour Itineraries

Mount Kailash is a famous pilgrimage site for the Hindu, Buddist, Jain and bon religions as well as the hikers and adventurers. To have a Kailash Tour or trekking along the Kailash circuit is one of the most popular journey for the tourists in Tibet.