The average temperature in Lhasa in August is between 10 °C and 25 °C, the temperature varies little throughout the whole summer, which mainly feels cool and comfortable. The precipitation in August is less than that in July. There are occasional showers during the day, but it generally does not rain for several days in a roll. A typical scene in Lhasa is the palace temples standing against the blue sky and white clouds. Many foreign tourists will choose to go to Tibet at this time, and the probability of altitude sickness in summer is slightly smaller.

Dressing Guide for Lhasa Travel in August

In August, breathable long-sleeved shirts and pants are recommended for travelling in Lhasa, which helps to prevent the sunburn. Since it is dry in Tibet, you need to keep your skin moisturized all the time. In addition, the ultraviolet rays are strong in Lhasa with the long hours of sunshine. It is recommended that tourists do sun protection work as much as you can.

Daytime average temperature: 21°C, light cotton or linen clothes such as sports T-shirts, sweat pants, jeans, long dress, etc. are recommended.

Nighttime average temperature: 10°C, light warm clothes such as light jackets, thin sweaters, light wind breakers, etc. are recommended.

Lhasa Weather in August over the years

Date 1-Aug 2-Aug 3-Aug 4-Aug 5-Aug 6-Aug 7-Aug 8-Aug
Weather light rain light rain rain shower rain shower rain shower light rain rain shower overcast
Max (℃) 18℃ 19℃ 21℃ 21℃ 22℃ 21℃ 22℃ 23℃
Min (℃) 9℃ 11℃ 11℃ 12℃ 12℃ 13℃ 12℃ 12℃
Date 9-Aug 10-Aug 11-Aug 12-Aug 13-Aug 14-Aug 15-Aug 16-Aug
Weather rain shower rain shower light rain overcast overcast overcast rain shower rain shower
Max (℃) 23℃ 22℃ 19℃ 22℃ 22℃ 23℃ 23℃ 22℃
Min (℃) 12℃ 11℃ 10℃ 12℃ 12℃ 12℃ 12℃ 12℃
Date 17-Aug 18-Aug 19-Aug 20-Aug 21-Aug 22-Aug 23-Aug 24-Aug
Weather rain shower cloudy cloudy cloudy light rain light rain rain shower rain shower
Max (℃) 22℃ 23℃ 23℃ 24℃ 22℃ 23℃ 22℃ 21℃
Min (℃) 11℃ 12℃ 12℃ 11℃ 12℃ 9℃ 11℃ 11℃
Date 25-Aug 26-Aug 27-Aug 28-Aug 29-Aug 30-Aug 31-Aug
Weather rain shower rain shower rain shower light rain light rain rain shower rain shower
Max (℃) 21℃ 22℃ 23℃ 22℃ 24℃ 23℃ 23℃
Min (℃) 12℃ 12℃ 11℃ 10℃ 12℃ 10℃ 12℃

Lhasa Travel Guide in August

Tibet in the August is a paradise on earth, and the rest of China is suffering from the scorching sun, while Tibet is particularly cool because of its high altitude. Due to the summer vacation of students, there are many mainland tourists go to Tibet for the summer resort and sightseeing. The scenic scenery is best in August and August in Tibet, Yamdrok lake and Namtso lake are really stunning.

Every August is an excellent season for traveling to Tibet. Therefore, the Tibet tourism market at this time is in the most popular period. There are many people, so the tourists who are going to enter Tibet in August must be prepared in advance to deal with any unexpected situation. There are many direct flights to Tibet, you can also take a train. However, there are often tourists who cancel their plans to enter Tibet because they cannot buy a ticket. Therefore, it is best to book your tickets 25 days in advance.

The Potala Palace is an attraction that every person who goes to Tibet will visit. However, the Potala Palace receives a limited number of visitors every day. Visitors must book tickets and make appointments to visit in advance. Because of the large number of tourists in August, some tourists even get in the line in the middle of the night to buy a ticket, but they still can’t get one.

It rains a lot in Tibet in August, so visitors should bring umbrellas, raincoats and some other clothes for change. However, it mostly rains at night and it rarely rains during the day, so basically it will not affect your travel plans during the day. In August, it is not necessary to bring very thick clothes. Outdoor sportswear, cotton underwear and sneakers or outdoor shoes are recommended. If you have plans to go to areas of high altitudes such as Mount Everest, it is recommended to bring thick, double-layered clothes and high-top outdoor shoes.

Please also remember to bring your passport, Tibet Permit, mobile phone, key and wallet with a good mood. Many people do not really like the food on the train, so you can bring some snacks. It is said that the fruits of Tibet are more expensive than meat. You can bring a little bit of fruit to supplement the vitamins you need. Since August is a peak season for travel to Tibet, accommodation can also be hard to book. So, it is recommended to book hotels online ahead before you go.

Best Time to Visit Lhasa:

May-October every year is the best time to tour Lhasa, Tibet. Lhasa is known as “Sunlight City”, with long sunshine hours, mild climate, no heat in summer, no cold in winter. The highest temperature in the whole year in June, and the lowest in winter in January. Lhasa has less rainfall, but the dry and wet season is obvious. The rain is mainly concentrated in July, August and September, and it is mostly at night. Lhasa’s summer climate is warm and humid, making it the best travel season. This time is also the most pleasing time of Lhasa’s natural scenery in a year. The whole city is lush and in stark contrast with the winter bleak. There is a saying that the oxygen concentration in Lhasa in summer can almost double that of winter.

Lhasa should be regarded as the first stop for most people to enter Tibet. The cultural landscape is mostly, the climate is suitable for all seasons. The summer is not hot, the winter is not cold, but the temperature difference between day and night is large. If the main purpose of your trip is to experience, feel and live, it is recommended that in October-March, avoiding the peak season of Tibet tourism, the cost is relatively low, and there is no need to worry about the limited Potala Palace tickets and train tickets. Few tourists make it easier to feel the purity and authenticity of Tibet.

How to buy train tickets to Tibet during the peak season for travel to Tibet?

At present, there are only one Qinghai-Tibet Railway in Tibet, and there are five trains entering Tibet every day, starting from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Lanzhou (Xining) and Chengdu (Chongqing). Due to the long time of the train ride, the train’s berth ticket becomes popular. Since the number of tourists entering Tibet in the summer vacation soars, it can be hard to get one during this time. Foreigners need to a Tibet Permit to board on the train or the plane. A copy of the Permit is fine when taking the train, while the plane boarding requires the original document. You do not need to have the Permit when you purchase the train tickets or air tickets though.

Usually, you can purchase train tickets to Tibet at the train station in China. More people purchase the train tickets through various mobile APPs. Valid ID card number and passport number are required for booking online. When picking up the paper ticket, you can go to the counter or the tickets processing machine at the train station. However, in the peak season from June to September, it is difficult to get a ticket to Tibet, especially the berth ones, which are always sold out pretty soon. Our agency can help you to book a berth ticket even when it is super busy. Having been running foreigners’ Tibet tour for over 20 years, we never failed to get a train ticket for any of our customers. The guarantee of the ticket comes from our various channels to purchase it. If you are planning to take the Qinghai-Tibet train to Tibet in June-September, please provide your valid passport information to us ahead of time to book the Qinghai-Tibet train route as soon as possible. At the same time, we will also help you to process your Tibet Permit and plan out your Tibet tour route. Our travel consultants are readily available and will work with you to customize your Tibet tour.

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