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If Tibet is your favorite destinations, you are suggested to take the classic tour from Lhasa to Mount Everest which is the most popular and valuable tour in Tibet.


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How to Travel Tibet

Tourism is highly restricted in Tibet and independent travel is not allowed. Foreign travelers need to prearrange a tour in order to obtain a Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) permit; only Chinese and Hongkong travelers are free to enter without a visa.

Without a TTB permit, you won’t even be able to board a flight or train to Tibet. Besides citizens of Singapore, Brunei and Japan, all visitors require a valid Chinese visa in addition to a Tibet permit. Make sure to get your Chinese visa at least a month before your trip, as your tour operator will need it to get the TTB permit. When applying for your Chinese visa, don’t mention Tibet and don’t list your occupation as ‘journalist’.

When to Travel Tibet

Tibet can be visited all year round — but the best time to visit is in spring and summer (from April to October) when Tibet’s weather is not too harsh and most areas of Tibet are accessible. This also depends largely on your Tibet itinerary as certain parts can only be visited in summer (e.g. Mount Kailash is covered in snow throughout the year except summer.)

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